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内容摘要:"The rent reduction for two months totaled more than 40,000 yuan, which really saved me and my supermarket." Recently, Yuan Hui, a...
"The rent reduction for two months totaled more than 40,000 yuan, which really saved me and my supermarket."  Recently, Yuan Hui, a "post-90s" entrepreneur in Hejin City, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province, benefited from the support policy of returning to work and resuming production by individual industrial and commercial households and overcame the difficulties.

This young man was greatly encouraged by the rent reduction. Yuan Hui began to use his head to find a way out. The owners live broadcast the goods, delivered fresh vegetables to their homes, and offered special promotions. As the epidemic situation was further controlled, his supermarket gradually became more and more lively.  In Hejin City, 1,257 individual businesses, like Yuan Hui, have enjoyed rent relief policies, involving a total of more than 6.3 million yuan.

Rent reduction is only one of several measures taken by Shanxi to support individual businesses to return to work and resume production.  Not long ago, the Shanxi Provincial Market Supervision Bureau, the Shanxi Provincial Development and Reform Commission and other eight departments jointly issued "Several Measures to Support the Healthy Development of Individual Industrial and Commercial Businesses in Response to the Impact of the Epidemic." They supported individual industrial and commercial businesses to resume work and resume production from 15 aspects, including social security cost relief, tax relief, housing rent relief, reasonable extension of administrative license period, and increased credit support.

In order to maintain a fair market environment, Shanxi will also resolutely clean up and abolish policies and measures that violate fair competition review standards and affect the development of individual businesses.  We will strictly investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations that do not implement preferential pricing policies and increase the burden on individual businesses in accordance with regulations. We will focus on strengthening the supervision of fees charged by commercial complexes, industrial parks, office buildings and other power transfer links to ensure that the electricity price reduction bonus and the price reduction space in gate and station links are all transmitted to individual businesses.

At the same time, Shanxi also requires all levels of government not to set preconditions for individual industrial and commercial households to resume production, not to attach conditions for individual industrial and commercial households to carry out normal business activities, and to help individual industrial and commercial households to solve epidemic prevention supplies such as masks necessary for resuming production.





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